Stress and Health

Stress and College Students

High levels of stress can lead to health issues and physical symptoms such as headaches, a compromised immune system, high blood pressure, stomach issues, and can impede falling and staying asleep. Many students now refer to their level of stress as chronic or they say they are STRESS OUT. 

Stressed at Work

 Here are several great resources to learn more stress and college life:

Read this article: The Stressed Out College Student and watch this video about OSU students: YouTube 

One way to buffer the impact of stress is the practice of mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

The staff at created a great resource to address this question. Click on the link and read the article How to Practice Mindfulness.

Mindfulness and Improved Test Scores

A study published in the journal of Psychological Science reported positive outcomes after a class of undergraduate students completed a two-week mindfulness program. Once the mindfulness practice was finished, researchers found student’s cognitive performance increased while mind wandering decreased. In addition, the study noted an increase in their GRE reading-comprehension scores.

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