Your First 60 Seconds

What is the very first thing you do in the mornings when you wake? Think about this for a moment. As you open your eyes and start to think about your day, where does your mind go? Do you think about social media or email? Do you check your phone within the first few moments of waking up?

Somehow, over the past decade, my morning ritual has changed. I used to wake up and make my way to the kitchen for my cup of coffee. Then, I would turn on the local news channel and begin fixing breakfast. That routine changed as technology evolved. My mornings morphed into grabbing my phone and immediately scrolling through Facebook and checking emails. My morning coffee was not as enjoyable anymore because I was focused on comparing myself to my Facebook friends. Their posts were filled with great trips, dates with amazing partners, promotions, family outings, and other great story feeds. My life seemed sad in comparison.

Starting my day off by comparing my life to others impacted my thoughts, feelings, and eventually my actions. I began a practice of meditation for the first 60 seconds everyday. I lay there and become completely aware of my breath and the moment. Too many times in the past, I would wake up and start thinking about my day while laying under the warm covers. Then later, while I was at work, I would think about how great it would feel to get home and get under my warm covers and lay in bed. The irony of it all. I would think about work while in bed and then daydream about my comfy bed while at work. I seemed to always be thinking about other places and situations instead of simply being present and enjoying the moment.

Changing my morning routine changed my day. I start my day off feeling thankful and positive. I enjoy the warm covers and am grateful for a comfy bed.

Think about your first 60 seconds, how do you spend them? Enjoy your warm bed, hot shower, strong cup of coffee, or whatever your morning brings. Be intentional about how you start your day…it can impact the type of day you have.

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